Why Buying Landed Properties from Real Estate Companies is a Smarter Choice

09056515913 Why Buying Landed Properties from Real Estate Companies is a Smarter Choice Investing in landed property is a significant decision that requires careful consideration and due diligence. One of the critical choices you’ll face is whether to purchase from a real estate company or a private seller. Here are several compelling reasons why opting […]

Emerald Estate: Your Gateway to Prosperity in the Heart of Lagos

09056515913 In the bustling heart of Ketu-Epe, Lagos State, a shimmering gem awaits savvy investors and discerning buyers. Welcome to Emerald Estate, a prime real estate opportunity that not only promises unparalleled growth but also taps into the pulse of Lagos’ rapid development. Here are five compelling reasons why Emerald Estate is your key to […]

The Spectacular Launch of Emerald Estate by Gestpoint Nigeria Limited

09056515913 The 14th of December 2023 marked an epochal moment as Gestpoint Nigeria Limited proudly unveiled the much-anticipated Emerald Estate. The air was electrified with enthusiasm and anticipation as distinguished Top-rated Marketers from various corners of Nigeria gathered to witness the grandeur. A Gathering of Success Minds: The event was a testament to collaboration, expertise, […]

Unveiling the 7 Hidden Advantages of Embracing a Career in Real Estate Marketing

09056515913 The realm of real estate marketing stands as an ever-evolving landscape offering not just the obvious benefits but also concealed advantages that could radically transform one’s financial life. Here’s an insider’s view into the unspoken perks of stepping into this dynamic industry: 1. Lucrative Commissions Beyond the SurfaceBeneath the facade of standard commissions lies […]