In today’s dynamic economic landscape, investing in real estate remains a key strategy for wealth creation. With a robust track record and a deep understanding of the market, Gestpoint Nigeria Limited stands out as a premier choice for real estate investments. This article delves into the benefits of investing in real estate now, with a specific focus on the advantages offered by partnering with Gestpoint Nigeria Limited.

Why Investing In Real Estate With GestPoint Nigeria Limited Is Beneficial

1. Stable and Appreciating Assets

Insight: Real estate is renowned for its ability to appreciate steadily over time. According to Gestpoint Nigeria Limited, properties in strategic locations across Nigeria have shown a notable average annual appreciation rate of 10-15% over the past five years.

Expert Opinion: “At Gestpoint, We Are on a mission to help people secure a serene environment to help nurture their family and help smart investors secure a right investment for maximum profit.,” says Mr Ebenezer Oluwatoba Akinrinade, Managing Director/CEO  Gestpoint Nigeria Limited.

2. Hedge Against Inflation

Insight: Real estate serves as a reliable hedge against inflation. As prices for goods and services rise, so do property values and rental incomes. In 2023, Nigeria experienced an inflation rate of around 19%, leading more investors to seek the stability of real estate assets.

Expert Opinion: “GestPoint properties are strategically positioned for  smart investors to grab the investment opportunities knocking on their door in order  to secure a transgenerational wealth… ,” says Mr Elijah Adesina, Operations Manager at Gestpoint Nigeria Limited, Epe, Lagos State.

3. Passive Income Through Rentals

Insight: GestPoint Nigeria Limited offers rental properties that provide a consistent stream of passive income. Their developments, such as Emerald Estate in Ibadan, boast high occupancy rates, ensuring reliable cash flow for investors.

Expert Opinion: “Investing in GestPoint’s rental properties means tapping into a well-managed portfolio that delivers steady rental income, contributing to long-term financial security,” highlights Mrs Fagbile, Administrative Officer  at GestPoint Nigeria Limited.

4. Diversification and Reduced Volatility

Insight: Real estate investments through GestPoint Nigeria Limited help diversify your investment portfolio, reducing overall risk. With a focus on both residential and commercial properties, GestPoint offers a balanced investment approach.

Expert Opinion: “Our diverse property portfolio mitigates investment risks and offers stability compared to more volatile markets. GestPoint’s approach to diversification ensures that your assets are protected against economic uncertainties,” explains Mr Tobi Falola, Operations Manager at GestPoint Nigeria Limited. Ibadan branch.

5. Tax Advantages and Benefits

Insight: Investing in GestPoint Nigeria Limited’s real estate provides various tax benefits, including deductions for mortgage interest, property taxes, and depreciation. These advantages significantly enhance returns on investment.

6. Leverage and Capital Growth

Insight: Real estate investments with GestPoint Nigeria Limited allow for effective use of leverage. Investors can acquire valuable properties with relatively small down payments and finance the rest, amplifying potential returns as the property’s value appreciates.

Expert Opinion: “Using leverage effectively is a cornerstone of our investment strategy at GestPoint. We help investors control substantial assets and benefit from appreciation on the entire property value, not just the equity portion,” notes Adedayo Akinwumi, Senior Real Estate Advisor at GestPoint Nigeria Limited.

7. Demand Driven by Demographic Shifts

Insight: GestPoint Nigeria Limited understands the impact of demographic trends on real estate demand. With a growing population and urbanization, there is a rising need for modern, well-located properties across Nigeria.

Expert Opinion: “Our properties cater to diverse demographic needs, from millennials seeking modern amenities to retirees looking for manageable living spaces. GestPoint’s demographic insights guide our development strategy, ensuring strong market demand,” says Bolaji Johnson, Market Analyst at GestPoint Nigeria Limited.

8. Potential for Value-Added Investments

Insight: GestPoint Nigeria Limited specializes in value-added real estate investments, such as property renovations and strategic upgrades. These enhancements significantly increase the market value and rental income of properties.

Expert Opinion: “Value-added investments are integral to GestPoint’s strategy. By improving property conditions and functionalities, we help our clients achieve higher returns and increased equity growth,” asserts Mr Ore-Oluwa Joshua, Real Estate Developer at GestPoint Nigeria Limited.


Investing in real estate through GestPoint Nigeria Limited offers numerous benefits, from stable asset appreciation and tax advantages to passive income and strategic leverage. With expert insights and a track record of success, GestPoint is your ideal partner for real estate investments in today’s market. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or exploring your first property investment, GestPoint’s comprehensive approach ensures your investment is both profitable and secure.

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